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One of the most frequently asked questions I get is "what video do you recommend I work with?" My
general answer is obvious – if you\'re new to yoga, you should get the beginner video. Learn the basics, get
comfortable with them, and then go to the next level. One of the nice things about yoga is that every
posture is unto itself, regardless of how simple or complicated it might be. The practitioner simply works
that one given pose to the best of his/her ability, never forcing, but being diligent.
The problem with practicing consistently with only one workout is that you\'ll end up memorizing the
workout and \'going through the motions\' without really putting the proper thought and energy to it. You
would be wise to get one video, work with it until it gets really familiar, and then get another, to vary your
workout. Slowly you will build your library, and then you can go back and forth to different workouts,
keeping your practice fresh.


Deepen your stretching by emphasizing the word "LENGTHEN", and try to picture your muscle fibers
doing exactly that. You will find an amazing difference in your ability to stretch very deeply and safely.
Another extremely important aspect is to stretch very slowly, allowing the muscles to slowly relax and give
in to the stretches. If you go through long, deep, slow stretches, holding the deepest part of the stretch for
several seconds, and then release completely, you will actually feel the muscular tension draining out of
your body.

I have been seriously emphasizing this idea in my classes for the last two years for a very specific reason.
In 1972 I began my journey in yoga . I was a young mother of three and my height was 5\'5 ½ " tall.. In
1975 I had a physical and discovered I was 5\'6" tall! What a joy! Of course, I attributed it to the yoga
stretching. That was the last time I was measured, until two years ago when I went to a new physician and
got weighed and measured. I was a bit afraid that perhaps I might have "shrunk," having become a Senior
Citizen. I was amazed to find I was 5\'61/2 " tall! My physician was very impressed, looking over my
records, and noted that some surely was due to greatly improved posture through the years. Well, I went
back again last year and I have now topped off at 5\'7.. Instead of slowly atrophying, the more we lengthen
our muscles, and increase the flexibility in our joints and ligaments, we actually INCREASE range of
motion ! Several of my students have reported similar results after requesting being measured when they
have visited their physician.

So when you start to stretch, consider the fact you truly need to lengthen. Your posture will improve, your
range of motion will improve, and you will get rid of a tremendous amount of muscular tension not to
mention the physical toning that will result. Wow! That\'s truly well worth the stretch!


I was speaking to a group recently, and told them I knew someone who did not like to walk as a regular
exercise routine. HOWEVER, a week or so before he has to go for his stress test on the treadmill, he will
start walking. A lady in the group giggled, and said she did exactly the same thing, and then I saw several
heads nodding in a low-key "confession" to ditto her remarks.

It\'s not like \'cramming\' in high school the night before an exam, staying up practically all night, getting the
information in your head, and then successfully taking the exam! Taking care of your body is A WAY OF
LIFE. It is not an on -again off- again deal. You will get out of it what you put into it. Our physicians
certainly are concerned, and care about our health. Of course they want us to take a proactive approach to
caring for our bodies. But who are we kidding when we avoid the exercise up until the last minute, like the
illustration of cramming for an exam? Only YOU know how well you take care of your body. You can
fake it all over the world, but YOU know…and the rest don\'t matter. If you\'re not in the habit of daily
exercise, start now. Even five minutes of a walk, or five minutes of yoga, or five minutes of any kind of
exercise. The following week add two or three minutes, and do it, and do it, and do it. It will become a
wonderful habit that you never even question as to "I don\'t feel like it today". You\'ll just do it, like you
brush your teeth without inner arguments.


The story goes about a developer who had a favorite builder. They had built many a beautiful home through
the years. The builder went to the developer and told him he and his wife decided it was time for him to
retire so they could enjoy their later years. The developer hated to see him go, and begged him to build him
just one more house. The builder dug in his heels…."no". The developer persisted, and finally the builder
gave in. He built the house, but grudgingly. For the first time ever, he cut corners, used cheaper materials,
overlooked details he had been famous for. He was in a hurry to get this house built so he could press on
with his plans. To the eye, the house looked great, but he knew it was a shabby job and it wouldn\'t hold up
for long.

The developer came to the finished product, shook the builder\'s hand, smiled, and then handed him a set of
house keys and said "this is your house. I give it to you in gratitude for the wonderful work you put into it,
and our years together."

Only YOU know how well you take care of your body.


Lie on your back, pressing your waist into the floor creating a pelvic tilt. Place your arms flat on the floor
alongside your body, palms flat. Raise your right leg, crunch your abdominal muscles, maintain a pelvic
tilt and make small circles with your foot, dinner plate size, clockwise @ 30 times, then counter clockwise.
Alternate sides, keeping your toes pointing to the ceiling and maintaining a pelvic tilt and crunched
abdominals. You will really feel it, and it really works.

"We don\'t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
--George Bernard Shaw


Yoga is very scientific exersise and Priscilla is an excellent teacher - the class 

My wife and I don\'t really know how many years we have been participants