My New Friend

Some months ago I met a new friend who has inspired me deeply. Her back was bothering her, and her son, a physician, suggested she try yoga. She told me she was one of the busiest people she knew and it was nearly impossible for her to get to a yoga class. I made an audio cassette from the soundtrack of my video the 'Lower Back Repair Kit', took it to her house and we began working. She was determined to get it just right and we'd rewind the tape time and again to satisfy her need to truly learn it well. She was also taking Tango lessons because of an upcoming trip to Argentina, (it's the national dance there). This lady is tall, slim, agile and has beautiful posture. She has disciplined herself to riding her stationery bike for a half hour every day, and now has added her yoga. She plays duplicate bridge, loves her church and church related activities, and radiates joy and energy.

My friend was widowed five years ago - she had been the sole caregiver of her husband, who had fallen ill and was limited to a wheelchair and bed. dear new friend is 84 years old and is totally blind, having been in a severe auto accident 40 years ago. She lives alone, is an immaculate housekeeper and wonderful cook.

Now, what were we thinking was so stressful and difficult about our lives that entitles us to be whiners?


Yoga is very scientific exersise and Priscilla is an excellent teacher - the class 

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