A Process of Elimination

Try to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Cut down on salt so there is not a problem with water retention. Water is nature's cleanser and also keeps you from feeling too empty when you're trying to cut down on the amounts of food you eat. The first glass of water in the morning should be taken on an empty stomach, after cleansing your mouth. Add some lemon juice ( 1/2 to 1 oz for 8 oz glass of water) and drink warm or at room temperature. Do not make it ice water. If the tartness of the lemon juice is too much for you, add a tiny bit of orange juice to the mix. The lemon water has a wonderful effect on the eliminatory system, encouraging evacuation. It is not a laxative, but rather, it stimulates the natural function and helps to overcome constipation. The more water you drink, the less fluid retention you will have, as the added volume of water will activate your kidney and bladder function. Some people who tend to retain water actually cut down dramatically on their intake of it, fearing it will make them retain that much more. Barring some physical ailment, the fact is quite to the contrary. The more water you drink, the more water you will get rid of.

Eat bran cereals, fresh fruits, brown rice and plenty of fresh vegetables. Avoid fats as much as possible, and your system will function beautifully. A delightful side benefit will be losing unwanted fat!


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