Ready, Set, Stretch

Two lessons, approximately 15 minutes each, designed to neutralize effects of stress and muscular tension that can create nervous energy. First lesson includes an extended version of a side stretch for lateral flexibility, a full forward stretch, the camel to arch the back, a variation of the cat pose with a side leg extension for hip and leg strength, shooting the bow for hip, leg and back strength, the crescent moon for quads and balance, the deer pose for hip joints and lumbar back and the crow for arm strength and balance.

Lesson two has the swan for a total body stretch, for forward facing dog pose for hamstring stretches, the cow for hip and shoulder joints, the locust for lumbar back and glutes, cradled foot for hip joints, the fish for the back, stomach and hip and knee joints, sun salutation for a complete body workout and the peacock for concentration, balance and upper arm strength.

You will have a COMPLETE workout in this video!

Time: 33:45

Price: $29.45