Stretching for Athletes

Two 15 minute workouts to serve as warm-ups and cool-downs as well as to increase overall flexibility. These exercises will be particularly beneficial to individuals who participate in football, baseball, golf, tennis, running, cycling and volleyball. A MUST for the week-end athlete to prevent muscle injury due to lack of or inappropriate stretching prior to physical activity.

The exercises presented here include the clam for releasing low back tightness, leg limbering, kneeling cobra for quads and hamstrings, chest expansion mudra for shoulders, back and hips, camel and cat for loosening the back, a series to release the lower back, the full cobra for the abdominals and lumbar back, forward facing dog pose for the hamstrings, hip joint stretcher, a deep spine twist variation, plow for spinal lengthening, pelvic tilt bridge for hips and back and rotator cuff exercise.

This is a no-nonsense video for serious stretching.

Time: 58:33

Price: $29.45