Lower Back Repair Kit

CONSUMER'S DIGEST, Sept/Oct, 1997: Instruction: 5 Stars, Motivation: 5 Stars, Production: 4 Stars, Safety: 5 Stars.

WILLIAM M. YATES, M. D.: Wonderful... sound physical principles...Chronic lower back pain has been very responsive to these exercises...I would encourage the medical use of your tape by physical therapists as well as physicians...

Approximately 80% of our population has had, is having or will have lower back problems. This video should definitely be placed in the MUST HAVE category. There are two lessons in this title a (18 and 20 minutes respectively) and then a segment at the end of the video with a physical therapist who will explain and show different variations to the poses in cases of particular limitations. The first lesson contains a brief segment on breathing and relaxation techniques to ease the tension out of the tight muscles, then some very gentle exercises designed to actually alleviate lower back pain. This is an extremely soothing segment. The second lesson contains over a dozen different exercises specifically designed to bring strength and flexibility into the lumbar back. These exercises include abdominal workouts, quad strengtheners, pelvic tilts, cat poses, back arches, and much more. This video is recommended for ALL adults to keep backs strong and healthy. Don't wait for your back to give you problems before you start taking care of it!

Time: 45:52

Price: $29.45