One Stretch At A Time: Recovering From Breast Surgery

This video contains two segments, approximately fifteen minutes each. The first segment is a gentle workout starting with relaxation and breathing exercises.

There are general exercises for the entire body to allow the release of muscular tension. Postures are included that will slowly and carefully lengthen muscles in and around the affected areas.

The second segment is for the later stages of recovery, when more strength and range of motion is possible. These exercises gradually increase the range of motion, being more specific to the chest, arm and shoulder areas.

The exercises in this therapeutic video have been tested in classroom situations with people who have experienced breast surgery of varying degrees, from lumpectomies to double mastectomies. Individuals who take an active role in their own healing process greatly enhance the curative powers of exercise. Exercise is absolutely essential to speed the healing process. restoring range of motion, increasing circulation in joints and muscles and maintaining flexibility are vitally important.

The most important point regarding breast surgery is that progress will be slow, but definite. It is essential to not get discouraged.

There are many exercises in this video and the patient will learn to pace them only according to their individual need and ability, adding new poses as the body permits.

Time: 35:01

Price: $29.45