Priscilla's Yoga I Studio
Established in 1978.
Located in Columbia, SC

Hatha Yoga Classes
Maximum of 10 students per class, meeting once weekly for an hour over a period of six weeks. New classes start every 6 weeks. 5 different levels are taught, from beginner to advanced. Fees are $66.00 per six sessions

How Do I Sign Up?
Call 803-254-6121 for more information or email for current class scheduling.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, & Discover.

Please mention any medical or physical problems you may have, regardless of how minor. Include information such as high blood pressure, weak lower back, stress, etc. This information is strictly confidential and will be used only to aid your instructor in tailoring the class to your needs.

ATTIRE: Leotards, shorts, tights or warm-ups for ladies; walking shorts (just above the knee), warm-ups or exercise pants for men, or lycra shorts covered by running or tennis shorts. Bare or stockinged feet. No short shorts unless they are worn over other longer leggings, pants or tights. Shoes are to be removed before class. Bring a beach towel to be used as a mat, or an exercise mat or sticky mat to class. The studio is carpeted.


Yoga is very scientific exersise and Priscilla is an excellent teacher - the class 

My wife and I don\'t really know how many years we have been participants