Q. What is Hatha Yoga?
Hatha Yoga is the oldest documented form of physical exercise originating in India centuries ago and remains relatively unchanged through the generations of countless "in" fads in the fields of health, nutrition and exercise. Priscilla's therapeutic Hatha Yoga system of wellness includes breathing exercises to enhance lung function and to decrease stress and anxiety, and also strongly advocates a healthy, low-fat, high vegetable and fruit diet.

Non-mystical, this physical exercise consists of gentle bends, twists and stretches as well as balancing and strength poses which progressively become more challenging as the practitioner experiences the rewards of a rejuvenating body. Priscilla's no-nonsense instruction in this energizing, non-impact exercise increases flexibility, balance and circulation. The results of yoga practice will leave the participant feeling relaxed, refreshed, well toned, more flexible, calmer and stronger. This style of yoga is noncompetitive; the students do not compare their abilities, nor do they try to 'keep up' with anyone. Forcing the body into postures is not permitted.

Hatha Yoga unquestionably offers one of the finest forms of stress management and relaxation techniques and has gained prominence in the medical field as a sound method of health enhancement. This is particularly applicable for individuals with high blood pressure, heart conditions, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lower back problems, poor posture, pregnancy or depression.

Q. When is the best time to practice yoga?
Ideally, one should practice in the early morning, in the fresh air, on an empty stomach, before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. However, this is the ideal, which is rarely an option! Anytime the practice can be established and maintained on a regularly scheduled basis is a major plus.

Q. How often should I practice?
It is best to practice daily. Establish a good routine that varies slightly from day to day to prevent you from "memorizing" your workout, thus not really applying your mind to what you are doing.

Q. How long should I practice?
To genuinely see results, at least 30 minutes. One hour is certainly best, but even 15 minutes is better than none at all.

Q. May I eat before practice?
It is preferable to practice on an empty stomach. Wait at least two hours after a full meal, one hour after a light meal, and 20-30 minutes after a light snack, such as yogurt or juice or a piece of fresh fruit.

Q. What should I wear?
Anything that you can comfortably move around in. Tights, leggings, T-shirts, sweats, baggy pants with elasticized waists, or mid-thigh length shorts. No short shorts. Nothing with a constricting waistband or with fabric such as denim that would restrict freedom of movement.

Q. Is a sticky mat necessary?
No, but it is very helpful working poses that tend to make one slip or slide. Sticky mats can also make practice more difficult doing poses that require lengthening and stretching, as one cannot easily slide on them. I recommend working both with sticky mats as well as with carpeting, adjusting as each pose requires.

Q. Can I over-do yoga?
No, not really. Unless you're an "A:" type that would like to make a marathon out of yoga. One hour daily should do you well. Even two hours daily would be fine. For the average individual, wanting to stay flexible, toned and relaxed, this should be a gracious plenty.

Q. I do other exercises. Will this be a problem?
On the contrary, therapeutic yoga is a tremendous asset to any other type of physical exercise anyone would involve himself or herself in.

Q. What do I do if I find some poses uncomfortable?
Above all, remain in your comfort zone. Forcing should be prohibited. If you gently approach a pose and it makes your body uncomfortable, back off until you find your ease with it. If you never find your ease with it, avoid it altogether. There are too many other poses out there to make you miserable trying to do just one.


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