That was my immediate answer back in 1972 when a friend suggested I attend a yoga class with her. I considered myself very fit, jogging daily, scuba diving in the beautiful waters of Okinawa, Japan, playing tennis, and staying on a regular exercise routine while co-hosting a television exercise program for Armed Forces Radio and Television Service.

But attend a class I did, and have been grateful for it ever since. I learned breathing exercises to both increase lung capacity and also act as a natural tranquilizer. I learned to appreciate the thoroughness of working through joints and muscles, of being patient and moving slowly and deliberately, getting deep, quality stretches and learning balancing poses to increase concentration. I soon realized it was the most rejuvenating thing I had ever been exposed to. Hatha yoga is an excellent method of getting fit and staying fit, and incredible for stress management.

36 years later, I continue on with my practice. I have done several television series for PBS and have a number of videos. The yoga I teach does not is ageless. My videos range in age and time, but the postures in them continue to remain the "nuts and bolts" of my practice and teaching.

My husband of 44 years and I are now proud grandparents, and I delight in still being able to do all the poses I did as a younger woman. I don't dye my hair, do tummy tucks, liposuction or facelifts. There is no doubt I am aging, but it is wonderful to remain trim, energetic and flexible. My hope is that you might get inspired by cruising through my website and give yourself a new beginning on the physical level.


Yoga is very scientific exersise and Priscilla is an excellent teacher - the class 

My wife and I don\'t really know how many years we have been participants