Yoga is very scientific exersise and Priscilla is an excellent teacher - the class solved my back problems. I no longer have to go to the chiropractor.

- NS

My wife and I don\'t really know how many years we have been participants of your morning show, we think it may be around 16 to 18 years. With the series starting over again this week, we just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy the show and how much benefit we have received from your tutorials. Looking forward to another good year.

- ds

Message: Thanks, Priscilla!

I taped your 15 minute shows from Rochester, NY public TV 20 yrs ago and still use them, especially every day in the summer. I almost NEVER go golfing without doing a 15 minute session. They help me SO MUCH! I play better golf and just feel good generally. Thanks!
- mp

Dear Priscilla, Thank you so very much for your service! I am currently traveling on business and woke up this morning with such a bad lower backache I was unable to stand straight. I practiced the first lesson of your Lower Back Repair Kit video and not only has the pain subsided to my great relief but I can stand tall and perform my work today. Thank You Thank You Thank You so so much!
- NR

Message: Miss Priscilla,
You are the reason I love yoga. I accidentally came across your show on PBS and have been hooked. Thank you for your show and your humor and tips on the show. I do not know if you ever come down to Orlando, FL for appearances but would love to meet you. I am working on my full lotus position, still at the half but could hardly bend and stretch when I first watched your show about 5 months ago. You are a breathe of fresh air! Thank you for the show!

- job

Hi Priscalla, I watched on the January 2. 6.00 am tv. I check the channels and so I see your yoga show. I never did yoga before and I'm 58. I recording your yoga workout ad start this day after my work. The first 3 days es war's very hard for me, but every day I do it, some times 1 show a day. To this time: My body change a lot no more so much pain in the lower back or legs, I feel me better day after day. Thank you to you that you share this yoga show with all the womens. I never feel me better in the last 4 years. I got my life back.
- B M

Hi Priscilla.
I\'m almost 62 y.o. Early December 2012, I\'ve started exercising with your videos on PBS SC (available by satellite t.v. here in Montreal, Canada).
At first I was doing 15-minutes sessions about 2-3 times a week. Now, every new day finds me on my mat, exercising with you, trying my best to do every exercise possible to the best of my body\'s ability.

Thank you for your kindness and your fantastic experience as I am now looking forward to exercise every single day of the week. More and more I feel the benefits yoga provides me with. I already experience the joy and peacefulness both physically and spiritually. Thanks again.
- dg

Message: Hello Priscilla, wanted to let you know that my husband (70 years old) and I (66 years old) have been doing your Fit and Nifty Over Fifty dvd for 4 years now. Because of yoga we have been able to continue to do backpacking and many other activities. In fact we backpacked last Oct. from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the South Rim, a 26 mile very steep trip. So thanks for providing such a helpful dvd and giving us the motivation to \"get off the couch and get out there.\"
Schuyler Falls, NY
- BZ

Dear Priscilla, Here in the NE, your 15 minutes of miracle airs at 6AM. I was regular for years, jogging before stretching with you and then I fell off the band-wagon. I FELT older, less energetic and overwhelmed at work that never stops because we are given laptops to take home and thus continue to support off-shore teams! I have started the day with you again and feel so much better! Thank you for your perfect instructions, encouragement and inspiration. Please do not ever stop, I would not be able to move on from my current 50's to beyond without you. God Bless!
- RK

Message: Just about 4 years ago I had an accident in which I was sideswiped by a car while riding my bicycle, the injuries to my right arm & leg from that healed but my schedule kept me too busy to realize that a new problem was starting that had me in & out of doctor\'s offices trying to figure out why my left hip and all the way down my leg hurt so much. After figuring out it was due to pelvic misalignment I began pursuing massage, chiropractic adjustments & then started joining my sister at her home to follow your programs. In a mere 6 weeks I\'m able to sit comfortably & sleep through the night without the extreme discomfort of the nerve pain that ruled my life for over 2 years! Some of the exercises have been very painful to do but yielded such amazing results when I pressed on. I really appreciate your teachings, including alternate ways to do the poses. I\'ve been telling my family, friends & coworkers about your program & how much better I feel overall; it\'s even helping with my chronic headaches.

- BT

Ms. Patrick, I must thank you again at the beginning of this new year, for being such a wonderful teacher. I practice yoga every day and work out to your PBS show regularly. The reminders you give throughout your show, such as "you can't un-ring the bell," or advising us to use challenges as stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks have been instrumental in changing my outlook on life to one of a more positive vein. I now coax, not force, my body into difficult positions and use this philosophy in other areas as well.
- AC

: I discovered your program on my local PBS station (KVIE) about a year ago. I record both shows that are broadcast daily and then use 2-4 shows to work out with 3-4 times a week. I was a very healthy person (or so I thought), but what a great physical and mental improvement this addition to my workout routines has made. I really look forward to the days I \"Stretch\".

Also, thank you so much for taping the shows without music. It took me a few weeks to figure out why your sessions are so relaxing as well as rejuvenating---no background noise! Just your expert instruction is perfect.

- SM

Dear Priscilla,

I am so happy to tell you that I just completed your entire 130 show TV series (for the first time of many more to come I hope). The gradual improvement of strength and flexibility is profound, but for me there is more benefit.

You see I suffer from depression, and I can no longer afford health care or medicine for it. One of the things that helps is exercise. Your show, in gentle 15 minute, bite-size and effective pieces, rarely seems too overwhelming to begin. And once I've begun, I always finish as best I can, and usually do 2 shows. I know this may seem like a little thing to many, but for me it is an immeasurable gift to help me remain purposeful, strong and present.

You do so much good, and you do it so well.

Thank you.

Dear Mrs Priscilla Patrick, thank you so much for your contribution to our physical and emotional health. Your kindness shines through your TV segments and all your tapes I have ordered. I am more flexible because of your encouraging words which keep me regular with stretching. I am grateful and thank you again. I would like to get your Newsletter by email now please.


Dearest Priscilla:

The great American Yogi, is you!

I just have to tell you that I have found so much relief in doing your yoga stretches. I have suffered from ulcerative colitis since the age of ten (I'm now 49).When I fall short of dong your program my body knows the difference. I love you . Thank you for helping me. You are like a mother, a doctor and a best friend!
- LW

Hi Priscilla,
I have been using an old tape of yours for years. My doctor says I have amazing flexibility. I am 71 years young. I need to order a new tape!

- mjm

I have been doing your yoga exercises with you for 20 years !! Honest ! I have a serious back problem and as long as I exercise with you each morning, I can do anything I want/need to do. I do not have to take prescription drugs for my back. Thank you !!!!


Nothing compares to your program. Your attire, your way of teaching and your personality is perfect for me to want to follow. I discovered it years ago and love it.
- DN

Dear Priscilla,

I have tried other yoga DVDs but, for me, yours are the best. For some reason they are heartwarming whereas the others some cold.

I'm happy that you exist.

Nancy Martinez
- nm

Ms. Patrick, I started working out to your program a couple of months ago and have noticed a marked improvement in my flexibility. I have been doing yoga on and off for the last 30 years (I'm 55) but I've never enjoyed a class/video/book as much as I do your show. You explain moves so thoroughly that you make them easy to follow. I still can't grasp my feet with my hands during a full lotus, but I'm
- AC

Hi Priscilla, Since returning from the 2010 Olympics as a volunteer it has been very difficult to keep up with my Yoga stretching so I found your program on our PBS station. Thank you! your practice and teaching is wonderful. As I follow along and travel with the CD\'s this will help me to keep my excercise. I can not locate an instructor here so I am studying to become one. I would love to be as good as you. Have a great day!

- BL

I had never seen anyone teach yoga like you, without accoutrements, like music, flowers, too much emphasis on spirituality—in short, too heavy on show and too light on substance. Your series IS the gold standard
- M A

: Hi Priscilla,

I rarely write anyone but I must tell you how grateful I am for your show. I watch your show daily and it has changed my life. I am not a sickly or out of shape person actually, I am a nutritionist. I give my stamp of approval on you show. I simply love it not only for my great shape but for my tireless energy! I am 47 and feel better than I have in 20 years. Thank you enhancing my life!!! Sincerely, K T

- KT

Message: I ordered the your tv set from SCETV. I love it! You are such a wonderful teacher!

- RF

I ordered two of the DVDs and have become a zealot about both! Never have I felt this good even though I exercise regularly. The stretches are great and I no longer have hip pain. I\'ve gotten my husband to join me and we are both reaping the benefits. I\'ve told all my friends! Thank you!

- A A

Priscilla, I retired last year at the age of 70. Because my work required I travel in Montana a lot, or sit in front of the computer a lot, (I was an OSHA inspector) my back and one leg began to hurt. I tuned it to your program after retirement accidently and what a treat! In my younger years, I considered yoga, but guess I didn't hurt enough and decided it was of no worth to me. This time I found I could do most stretches and exercises. I went from a pain of 10+ to 1.5. What a relief. Feels good. Anyone who has studied kinesiology knows that our bodies are made for motion. I cannot do all your exercises or stretches, but I feel that just TRYING to do them is exercise.

Thank you so much. You have inspired me to donate to our PBS station with an accolade to you.

Since you have come into my home every morning, I would like to know more about you. How old are your grandchildren now? And you? Do you have any age-related aches? I know these are personal. But, I feel you are a friend.

- TS

I am 63 years old. I watch your show every morning at 6:30 in WV time. I learn a lot from your show even thought I am a yogi and practice regularly.

The amazing thing is that every time I watch your review show, I always pick up some small details that I would miss the first time. As I practice my stretching exercise, and come to questioning about the poses, your show always gives me clues as to what I do wrong and how I can correct my pose to make further progress.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and give folks all the encouragement they need to get healthy.

- FM

Thank you for the newsletter! I have been a devotee of your program for probably 20 years. I have been teaching your gentle style of yoga for about 8 years at our local Cumberland Medical Center Wellness Complex in Crossville, Tennessee. I thoroughly agree with your philosophy and I can still (at 70 years old) do the Monkey Pose (i.e., splits). Three fractures in my back prohibit too many deep backbends, but I still do the mild ones. Yoga has kept my scoliosis in check and I DO NOT have osteoporosis nor osteopenia. Yoga is wonderful! I also have bad knees, but yoga keeps them fairly strong. I have adopted your mantra (it's a cinch by the inch) and my students show great progress and wonderful flexibility.

Thought you would like to know what an inspiration you have been to me! Thank you!

- sh

Priscilla--Happy Holidays from Sacramento, CA where you are featured every morning at 5:30 a.m. on KVIE Channel 6, a station I wholeheartedly donate to (and am very happy to do so,) and that is where I discovered your wonderful show. You have quite a following here in California where yoga teachers abound. I can tell you put your heart and soul into it. There are so many (and good) yoga teachers in Sacramento and elsewhere in California, I think it speaks your level of sincerity in the discipline that you have people like me who follow you TV even though I belong to a gym where free live yoga is offered 4x a week!


I just tuned into your show for the first time yesterday. Following your streches was a refreshing way to start my morning and I'm looking forward to making your yoga tutorials a part of my daily routine.
Thanks for everything you do! C:
- Sarah

We don\'t usually watch TV in the morning but yesterday my 6 year old was up early so I turned on PBS to find some cartoons. Curious George doesn\'t start until 6:30 but instead of having me put on a video he decided to watch your show while he waited. Next thing I knew he was down on the floor doing exercises! At the end of the show you asked people to write and let you know how the program was making them feel and he got right up and wrote you a letter! Could you please send me your address so I can mail it out? Thanks!

- mp

Do you still have available item 012-500?
\"Priscilla\'s Yoga Stretches\" Complete Collection of 130x15 min episodes TV series?
I would like to buy it if possible.
I just bought 3 DVDs and the book and I\'m stoked using them, Priscilla\'s is the best yoga teacher period. Now I would like to have the complete TV series.
Thank you!

- e

I was glad to discover this easy beginner's yoga. I started with two episodes recently (numbers 8 and 9), which was about 24 minutes of exercise, and I wasn't sore the next day. I feel that I am getting good at the angry cat (which I saw once before in a different exercise video).

This seems easier than other yoga videos (but I'm only starting). I will stick with this and hopefully be able to do other yoga videos more easily.

Most exercise videos are too hard and I can't get through them. I'm 38 and out of shape.
- M.F.

Priscilla, like so many others I discovered your show on PBS. Its truly amazing how balanced and 'right' the lessons you teach work for me and others I have recommended your show. Thank you for your life commitment to helping others.

Message: Dear Priscilla,
I discovered your series on a ski trip 20 years ago in Montana. While cosistency is not my forte, coming back to your routines has been a constant in the balance of my physical activities.
Thanks from a friend in Canada
- R

I have to tell you I LOVE your television program!!. I was a faithful viewer for almost 2 years but after life changes I was unable to watch ur show and I have to say I see and feel a BIG difference in my body not waking up with you every morning. I am DEFINITELY willing to purchase an online version of your T.V program...but Im not sure which one to get???
I really liked the 2, 15 minute sessions I had when I participated through T.V. It was really good for me. If u could recommend which video I should order to keep the same kind of routine I would be very grateful!
Hope you can help me out! :)
Thanks, and You are a great teacher and life inspiration!
- L.D.R

Message: I just discovered your show, and after trying out several yoga programs, I find yours to be the easiest to follow and not at all intimidating. Perfect for a beginner! I love how conscious you are of lower back issues, and making sure no one gets hurt. Thanks!
-Delmar, MD

The following information was provided.

Hi Priscilla,

I don\'t know if you read these or not. But whoever does, you should know you are amazing! I work out with you mostly every morning at 6:15am. Sometimes I get up at 6 and do back to back 15 minute workouts before I do other excercises. You certainly are an inspiration to many!! I really love your kind messages you give viewers while you are stretching. God Bless.
- mr

Message: I have participated with Priscilla for over ten years though PBS. I have improved in health and physical achievement for all of those years, age 40-50. I was so happy when I achieved full lotus. I amazed my family with my headstands. Her coaching is amazing.
- s

Message: Been hobbling since Oct 2009 with horrific right hip pain. Visited many doctors. Popped your maintenance DVD in, and during my first exercise session with you there was a major clunk in my hip socket.... and I am walking fine again! Thank you!
- MD

It's funny how true that saying "Every cloud has a silver lining" is. I had been plagued by a lower back pain for years as an avid weight lifter. I happened to see Priscilla's Yoga Stretches on TV on PBS each morning opposite my local news. The more I watched her, the more I wanted to give it a try. Suddenly, I was hooked! I bought a yoga mat and taped the show religiously, keeping track of the episodes in a notebook. One year later, I can't believe the shape I'm in! I have lost twenty pounds and feel great. I do still have lower back pain, but it is not muscular in nature. Even so, it's nowhere near as bad as it was before Priscilla. I strongly recommend Priscilla's show to EVERYONE! My low back pain lead me to something so wonderful!

Blessings from Denver, CO!!
- ED

Message: Pricialla I love your show. Started it at the end of January 2010 and am seeing improvement in my body. I am 54 and am so happy to find your show. I love the way you teach and your gentle approach. I have back and shoulder problems that are getting much better since I started. Thank you so very much. You are a true blessing to all of us. I will keep you and your loved ones in my daily prayers. God bless you always! P
- P F

Contact: Karen
Message: Hello, I have been practicing yoga with you, Priscilla, since Nov 2009. I began with 3 mornings per week and as of January I have been practicing 5 mornings a week.
I injured my lower back about 8 years ago and have done stretches every morning, but not of this type, Now, I practice with you every morning have such range of motion and strength. I am thrilled to say \"less back aches and pains...with your wonderful yoga stretches and practices. Thank you for all you do!
- kl

I discovered your show on PBS, and shortly after starting your program, I purchased the Lower Back Repair Kit. I am so thankful to have discovered Hatha Yoga! I have a herniated disc in my lower back, which occurred when I was in my 20's, and have suffered ever since. I tried chiropractic care, which was unable to help me.

Going through your Repair Kit routine never fails to provide me with relief, usually complete relief! It is such a relief to know that I can quickly do some of the exercises after a day at work, and know that I won't be in pain when I go to bed.

I lent my DVD to my mother to try it out. She has severe back problems, has had surgeries and has rods in her back. I was surprised that she kept with it a few times, as she is overweight and not very active. Now SHE is going to buy the Lower Back Repair Kit!

I record every one of your segments and put them on DVD so I will be able to do your exercises whenever I wish.

In addition to all of this, I want you to know that I find your voice soothing and relaxing, and your teaching manner relaxes me so much I feel like I'm meditating when I do them.

I am forever grateful, and tell everyone I can about your program.

Thank you so much!!!
- JH

Dear Priscilla, I am hooked on your show! I'm continually impressed with your PBS show, and with the results I'm getting by participating. I'm 34 and am looking for ways to keep my back and joints healthy; your approach to yoga is helping me to do just that. I can see myself streaching and strengthening with you all the rest of my life. Thank you.
- KA

Comments: I am so pleased to be viewing Priscilla Patrick again after a long lapse. I can do most of the exercises and I just turned 54! Loved getting up at 5;30 and viewing PBS. Thnak-you Priscilla for giving my life back some order in the morning. I have lower back pain each day but as I exercise more often its getting better.
- nm

You are such an inspiration to me. I stumbled upon this just when I was looking for something different to maintain fitness. I'm 42, quite flexible, but many of the poses are difficult. You encourage everyone to go at their own pace, so that's what I do. I pray to be able to improve and that my arthritic hands will allow me to do some of the weight bearing stretches.
Thank you for sharing your talents with the world.
- LF

Priscilla Once again you are the very best to me for your guidance to U so very much...-g
- G A

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. As you have suggested, I ordered the Lower Back Repair Kit today and will continue with my other Fibro DVD until the one for the back repair arrives.

I would like to tell you that I am envious of you, as it seems you have found your true and divine guided calling in this life. I cannot find the words to accurately describe how I felt following you through the Fibro DVD. I was able to keep up, I was encouraged by your gentle approach, I was intrigued that I was able to do what you were asking me to do. Maybe, I didn't bend quite as far, or I wasn't as smooth as I should have been but I never felt discouraged through the DVD, not one single time.

Thank you for following your calling and making this happen for those who choose to follow your guidance and gentle approach to better health and better living. I am a 52-year-old, obese female, who was just (finally) diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Your DVD has given me so much hope that I don't always have to live in pain. Thank you for the encouragement, Priscilla.

Many Blessings-


- BC

I have never been a fit person and my body had always felt tired and stressed. As i was flipping threw the channels one morning I came across Priscilla's show and something...what I don't know, made me get on the floor and begin stretching with her! I had a very hard time with some of it but she was so reassuring. I love her advice and not just for stretching but for life. Thanks Priscilla!

Priscilla: Wow. I had forgotten what real Yoga is about. (I have been "doing it" after work with the News Hour on!!!! You know, kill two birds with one stone.... Yikes!) I conveniently let myself forget about the deep concentration, discipline and breathing so necessary for true relaxation.
It was wonderful last night! I felt totally stretched out and relaxed. You are a gifted teacher and I appreciate your contributing that gift to your students!
Thank you thank you thank you.
- LM

i am a cheerleader at my high school and i wanted to become more flexible and get in better shape. i started watching your pbs program and it has helped me tremendously! now i have my friends hooked on yoga too! thanks so much!
- J K

Message: I wasa unable to continue my weight work out - I was crippled by my back and cubidal tunnel (elbow/nerve). I finally discovered your yoga on our local channel and it has transformed my physical well-being. I have gained so much flexibility in just the past month since I started.

- bl

Dear Priscilla,

I cannot begin to tell you how much your Yoga classes mean to me. I have been through your series (with you) at least 3 times. I have been doing yoga for 40 years myself, and still do my routine every morning, after watching you. Could you imagine not doing yoga??????????? Its like brushing your teeth. People always ask how I stay so thin, even though I do not intentionally try to! My reply is I do yoga.

You are on at 6:30 on PBS, and I WOULD NOT MISS YOU!

Thanks for all you do. I am 66 and it keeps me going, as you say, we grandmamas need to stick together. I am a PBS Subscriber here in Charleston, and I tell them every year, keep Priscilla Partick on my TV!
- B H

Message: I love your show. I have learned so much and feel so much better physically and mentally. Wish I lived close enough to take your classes. But PBS is great too. Thank you!
S from Michigan
- SM

hello priscilla,
i want to thank you for motivating me to move out of my extremely depressed self. i love your teaching skills and how you walk me through the exercises.

thanks very much, s.
- S

I have always loved yoga but doing yoga with Priscilla in the morning has been such an inspiration for me. I would really like to teach others how to feel better, become more flexible and firm up. Can you recommend an instruction program or someone in the Denver area who has the same philosophies as Priscilla? At 50, I think I may have found my new path! Thank you so much!


I have just begun to work with you. I cannot believe the improvement in my balance and muscle tone and the decrease in tension I feel in my back. I only do two 15 min. segments each day, but I can tell if I miss a day!!! I would like to order several of your DVDs but do not know which would be best. What would you reccommend? I truly look forward to your show and thank you for sharing your knowledge!!!
- TB

Message: I would like to know Priscilla\'s age. She is an excellent role model to young and old alike, a wonderful teacher of yoga, and her stretches are easy to follow. Love her television show.

- S

Message: I swear by it this show! I\'ve told my best friend...she, like I, get up each morning at 6:30 and follow Priscilla\'s calming, encouraging and rejuvenating program. I tell any and everybody who complains about mobility or stress issues that this is a \"do not miss\" program! Thank you
- JB

Message: Just wanted to let you know that I think Priscilla is an awesome teacher. Thank you so much for the show. I\'ve never been a morning person but always look forward to getting up at 6am to do yoga with Priscilla. I never thought that 2 15 min. classes each morning would get my body into such great shape. I\'m still a work in progress, but the changes in my body are amazing. Between diet, exercise, and mind changes it\'s awesome what God can do. I have fibromyalgia and am in a lot of pain, but the series gently coaxed my body into positions that I never dreamed possible.
Thank you again and keep up the wonderful work that you do.
Sincere thanks and blessings,

- CH

I am a marathon runner and want to start doing yoga to get more flexiable and for my sanity. I have been doing yoga with you on T.V. on channel 2 and 17 twice a day. I love it!
Wanted to purchase a DVD but don\'t know which one to get, can you help?
Thank you,
P.S. I hope to be able to do all your poses, you make them look so effortless. Keep up the good work!
- CW

Message: Thank you so much! I have been doing yoga with you at six am for about a year and a half. I am a hairdresser that is always doing more than 5 things at a time and a mother of two beautiful boys. My time with you in the mornings is what keeps me balanced in my little crazy world. Oh! I also have the best arms at work because of you.

- S B


I watch you on PBS here in Miami at 8 a.m. You are the best yoga instructor I have seen. Your explanations are very clear and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with other human beings.
I wish you the best,


- NS

The following information was provided.

Hello Priscilla,
I have been doing yoga with you since 1979 and want to tell you how much I appreciate your programs--I currently view your program on WGTE. I wish it was on every day but I still do your postures even on the off days.
Thanks again for your excellent program.
- NW


I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful news letter. I am a late starter I will admit (I started last year) in taking care of myself mentally and physically. I had a life changing experience in 2006 after I learned I had suffered two minor strokes that left me with a slight physical limitation. After I learned about it I was watching PBS and your show came on and I fell in love with yoga.

Today I am still over weight but I am more physically active with walking, riding my bicycle and of course yoga. Now with your news letter I am learning how to chose my food wisely. Thank you again.
- AN

Message: Hi there...

I used to sit on my sofa and watch until you
\"coaxed\" me to join in. I can\'t tell you how much better I feel in every possible way. My breathing is calm and my body is pain-free. I\'ve written in the past for your thoughts about sciolosis. Now that I follow your lead, I feel more balanced all the way around including my back. However, I struggle with keeping my abs pulled in tight so I\'m wondering what postures you can suggest and the DVD most likely to work those muscles. Thank you every day for your guidance. You are beautiful!

- bd

Thanks again. I ordered the series a few minutes ago. I can' t wait until I receive these. I started watching you in October and stopped my arthritis medications and no longer have to go to my chiropractor's
office for adjustments.

You are wonderful.


Message: Hello! I wanted to tell you I love your show. I\'ve been doing yoga with you for 3 years and have referred many of my friends to your show as well. If I\'m slacking, my 5 & 6 year olds get out the yoga mats and say, \"Mamma, Your show is on.\" Then we\'ll do yoga together. It\'s wonderful. Thanks!

- JT

Message: Your yoga postures are very beneficial for reducing the pain level in my upper back and keeping limber in spite of Ost. Arthritis. My husband, who suffers chronic pain since his
L-1 S-5 and C4-7 fusions, has found unexpected relief doing your classes with me. Your position reminders and insightful comments are gems! Namaste\' A L
- AL

Message: Just wanted to tell you how much I love your program. I have had back pain with pain through my left leg, hip for quite awhile now and doing alot of your stretches for lower back definitely give me more range of motion and lessen the pain. Thank you so much!

- A

Tthank you so much for your wonderful yoga program. I have been following the program on TV for 2 years now and it has helped me deal with my occasional low grade depression (and of course increased my strength and flexibility). The yoga is not only good for my body but also calming and uplifting for the mind. THANK YOU,
T B, Lafayette, CO

- TB

Message: I love your program. I had a pinched intercostal muscle along with a lower back sprain, complacations due to scoliosis,and caring for my 2yr old twins. My Dr. told me watch and do pricilla every day and come back in 3 monthes if not better! At first I could barely get on the ground, but now I try to do your program every morning. It has helped me immensely! Thank you and keep up the good work, my quality of life has increased greatly! would love to se a series just for curvature of the spine as i think there is agreat need, and nobody seems to have one!

- sj

Dear Priscilla,
I do want to tell you that being a part of your yoga class has had a tremendous impact on my overall health. It is unbelievable how one evening a week can reduce pain, decrease stress and increase energy levels. I was taking several doses of over-the-counter medications, visiting a massage therapist every two weeks and seeing my chiropractor three times a week for pain management. Since starting your class, I see my chiropractor once a month now, stopped seeing the massage therapist, and rarely take tylenol unless I have a rare headache. Thank you for sharing your gift of good health and being salt and light to many.

- SL

Message: Just wanted to say thank you for your PBS series! I love it! I have been doing yoga on and off (Iyengar) for years. Since finding your show, I am now doing yoga almost every day. I feel so much better. I live in Michigan but will be in South Carolina for vacation this summer. I was so disappointed to learn you were in Columbia instead of the coastline. How I wish I could take one of your classes in person! My girls (6 and 3) wish it too; they do the yoga with me! Thank you so much for your classes and inspiration.
- BF

Just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU! I\'ve been DOING your PBS show for over 3 months now and every day is a NEW adventure. Find myself laughing out loud at some of the positions you can get me into. My Yorkie Whitney loves you too. She\'s right there doing her interpretation of the positions.
- K

I just found your show on my local PBS station and am so grateful . I love your program! After doing yoga with you start the day invigeratated yet calm. I love your caring words of wisdom as well. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

- LV

Message: My wife has been following your yoga program for almost a year and a half. It has not only controlled her back pain, a result of a car accident when 14, but helped her withstand and recover so well from her cancer surgery. Although of slight build, I became amazed at the development of her musculature. I was even more amazed at her increasing flexibility and balance (a property that had been slowly deteriorating). I jokingly indicated that I was becoming envious of her abilities and noted that when free from my “hobby” (like your “hobby” with yoga), I would begin following your program. That time arrived when I completed the latest editions of my books.

To ease in I started with just one 15 minute section a day, slowly working up to half an hour, then an hour, and now almost an hour and a half. Your suggestion to go slowly and “listen to your body” have proven excellent advice. It was discouraging to see so little progress at the beginning. Nonetheless, I saw what Suzanne had accomplished, and had your “promise” that with time I would see significant improvement. It has proven true. Not only am I amazed at the change in just three months, but my wife is so pleased that I have taken up yoga in earnest. You are my “Sargent Major.” You say “stretch” and I must obey. However, your teaching and personal philosophy are so much more pleasant than the one I had in the Reserve so many years ago. I’m so pleased, as so many thousands of others must also be, that your husband has supported your specialization in yoga. You have positively touched and improved the lives of so many others!

Thank you.

- rj

Dear Priscilla,

I’m glad to receive your latest newsletter. My son, age 17, does one of your routines daily now – he is a swimmer and does the shoulder 15 min session for his rotator cuff. I’ve heard that yoga is great for swimmers, so if you do decide to do another show, do one for swimmers! They need lat, shoulder and tricep stretches. My son says it has helped his posture and he now reminds me not to round my shoulders.

We both just love your format – you have a calm, soothing voice and there is no music to get tired of. I keep pitching you to everyone I know!


- C

Dear Priscilla,

Let me first say how thrilled I am to have found your wonderful show, Priscillas Yoga Stretches. It is a breath of fresh air for me and I am seeing great benefits in starting my day with your show. You are a wonderful instructor!

Please send me your catalog so I may order some of your exercises.

Thank you and God Bless you.

- T L

Contact: Sarah Sheen
E-mail: Message: Hello there,

I just wanted to let Priscilla know I started watching her show on PBS at age 4! Mostly I was fascinated by her bending into shapes, but I also learned the shoulder stand and child\'s pose and would do them frequently.
Now I am 28 and have been following her intermediate and advanced intermediate stretch videos for several years. Even after taking studio yoga classes, Priscilla is still my favorite, most encouraging instructor!

Warm Regards,
- S S

Message: I began doing your yoga stretches for 4 weeks and have seen such a difference in my strength and flexability.
Most exercise programs I have watched were so complicated and fast paced that I couldn\'t keep up. While watching your show and completing each move I feel such an accomplishment. I enjoy your gentle and personal approach.
I have three boys (7, 5, and 3) whom I homeschool, so I use a lot of energy all day long. Your program has helped me gain new energy to keep up with them.
Due to the trauma of 3 miscarriages in the last year I have been severely fatigued and out of shape. Your stretches have enabled me to slowly enter into a regular exercise routine without causing my body any undo stress.
Thankyou and God bless,
- sg

The following information was provided.

I can\'t tell you how much I have enjoyed your show. I watch you on my local PBS station in Asheboro, North Carolina and I love it. It really has helped my back and increased my overall sence of well being. Thank you so much for making these classes available on TV. I do hope to buy some videos soon.

- SF

I have recently discovered your show and am very excited to do the yoga stretches every day. I am 48 and have always tried to exercise regularly, but with great struggle and many failures. I have tried yoga tapes from different insturctors, but the exercises were always a chore. Immediately I could see what a great teacher you are. I see your commitment and love and passion for your work, and I am very inspired. This is my new favorite hobby. I didn't know that exercise could be fun!

Thank you!

Angela D
- a d

Hi, Priscilla,

I am using the DVD for Fibromyalgia as a way of getting a slow start for my body, which has gone through quite a bit in the last 20 years. It is a wonderful program and I appreciate every time I use it how much care and thought went into it.

Thanks so much for the work you do. When I moved to Connecticut from New York State 30 or so years ago, I was never able to find a really good Yoga teacher who hadn’t “jazzed” up the yoga to make it acceptable to the average Westerner. Your classes remind me so much of the original yoga teacher I started with, who was very attentive to detail, to moving very slowly, and who taught me to listen to my body.

- nw

Thank you sooo much! Your \"spinal twists\" segment has finally freed me from chronic thoracic pain and even difficulty breathing associated with my scoliosis.

Please, please put together a routine which would target this debilitating problem.

- mary

Thanks for the wonderful yoga morning show on PBS. I am a teacher of gentle yoga classes, and always find in your presentation practice something new for my students.
- L O

Message: I just would like to say thank you so much for your kind, gentle spirit and wonderful explanation on how to do poses gently. I have learned to be patient with myself and have become very aware of how my body feels doing even the simplest of stretches. I suffer from depression and stress very easily. You have inspired me and given me such an outlet. Words can not express my deepest gratitude. My life is forever changed.

- JM

The following information was provided.

Message: My wife is enamored with your yoga exercises. She is so thankful for PBS (Detroit) for presenting them. Nevertheless, she would like her own copy of the programs (Catalog No. 012-500). Before purchase, she would like to know how many DVDs are included, and even more, can she select individual programs in the series - that is, not have to follow the programs in sequence as presented on the DVD.

A final question (possibly suggestion) is whether your DVDs come in a French version.

Yours sincerely


PS. You are a superbly excellent teacher, as well as incredibly knowledgeable. With your exercises Suzanne\'s back pain is gone.


Message: Hi Priscilla,

You are fantastic!! I discovered yoga with you in 1988. The years have passed and now I have 2 herniated discs in my neck from a car accident and one in my lower back. I want to continue yoga but my accupuncturist advised to be careful with certain postures as they can worsen my condition. Do you have a video or dvd specifically for gentle postures for the neck? I would be so grateful. I loved the nutritional advice you used to give on tv. My favorite quote of yours was, \"not yet\". \"Don\'t ever say I can\'t, maybe you can\'t, YET. It\'s a very powerful word.\" I think of this quote often and it\'s so true. Anytime anyone asks me why I am in such good shape, I tell them about yoga and proper eating. I lost 12-15 pounds permanently because of you back in 1988 and truly believe this is the best way to keep your body flexible, release endorphins, and release stress. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can\'t thank you enough!! You have truly changed my life.

Very Sincerely,


Thank you Priscilla for introducing me to yoga! I rise
early in the morning so that I can unwind before work. I'm
a teacher. I have one of your tapes in case I don't get to
class in time.
How much time should I spend practicing yoga? Is the 15
min program enough? I'm almost 61, 128 lbs, 5'4", & ride
my horse, so I think I'm in better shape than most women
my age.
Can't thank you enough! Sincerely, Dianne H
- DH

I discovered your show on PBS/Carbondale, CO one morning. After a week of participating every morning, I finally found a yoga instructor who understands stretching for athletes! We've been loyal students for 2 months. Even when the TV signal goes out due to weather, we review stretches. We are 49 & 52 yrs old ultra/extreme athletes. I've needed your instruction for the past 30 years. In just a few months, you have helped me become more aware of my posture, flexibility and state of mind. In such a short time, my overall flexibility has improved dramatically. We love your patience and sense of humor. What a great way to start the morning - sunrise with Priscilla!
Thanks so much.

Hi Priscilla,

I’ve been doing yoga just following your program since 1987. Wow!!! What an amazing teacher you are. For last 20 years I never went to a single yoga class. All I did is just following your program for ½ hour daily such as: Fog, spinal twist (the difficult one), head stand, push up, sit ups and lotus etc. Now I am doing more advanced poses for 6 to 7 times a week about 45 minutes now I even got my sisters doing yoga too. People at my office always tell me “Oh! I am tired…” I reply back: “Do yoga.” The reply is “I don’t have time…” They don’t know what they’ve missing. You spent ½ hour a day, you not only gain your energy all day but also you get flexible of your joint, healthy internal organs, and flexible muscles.


I am 60 years of age and feel much younger. Watching your show and doing the stretches and poses with you Mon thru Fri has added flexibility and balance to my body. The breathing exercises alone have helped to strengthen my core. Along with my hourly walk each day, I am staying fit and balanced, minimizing the risk of falling or hurting myself should I fall. I hope SC ETV keeps your show on the air for decades. Thank you. Your show has made a big difference in my oveall fitness levels.

Subj: Thank you!



I accidentally discovered your show about five months ago through my local PBS station and it's the best discovery I ever made. I can not begin to
tell you what a difference you have made in my physical life. My back pain is to a minimal and I feel so much better. I had tried yoga in the past but
could not find an instructor I enjoyed, until you. I may never be as firm and taut as you, but I have the satisfaction of feeling wonderful.

Thank you so much and keep on doing what you are doing.

A fan,

Dee D

- D.D.

Thank you for your kind heart and gentle approach to Yoga. I am 54, a nurse married to a physical therapist. He leaves at 6, just when your show starts. My dog watches me work out, and sometimes joins in with a wonderful downward facing dog followed by an upward facing dog, as she follows along beside me.
I have given away my copy of your "Lower Back Repair Kit" (Cna't remember to whom I gave it) But I know it works and I am very happy to share the information.

Thank you for all your work.
Your yoga is better to wake up to than a cup of coffee! And it's better for you!
Mrs. L V de V, RN, BA
- LV

Hi Priscilla - I am 51 and have been dealing with low back pain and leg pain for the past year. I had to give up bedside nursing because of it. For the
last six months I have been going to PT. It helped my back but the leg pain persisted - seemed even to be worse. About two weeks ago I was feeling down
about waking after another painful night with fitful sleep. I turned on the TV - not something I routinely do at 6:30AM and there you were ....I got down on the floor and gently followed your stretches. I haven't missed a day since and my leg is feeling better ..THANK YOU.
I''ve taken some yoga before but found the classes of 1 1/2 hours too much for me and had teachers pushing me beyond my limits too quickly ...thank you for your gentle approach.


- MK

Bless you for your patience and being such an exemplary role model for womankind.

Jean K

- JK

Hi Priscilla,
How grateful I am for your program & I always feel so much better throughout each day that I do them with you. I love your gentle ways of explaining each pose along with your encouraging health & nutrition tips. Thank you so very much & keep up the great work. My body thanks you immesureably! JG
- JG

Respected Priscilla,

In my opinion a true GURU looks through the EYES of a student, listen through his/her EARS and understands through his/her MIND and you have all that when you give specific instructions.

While I am in Charlotte, I watch your program at 6:45AM - 7:00AM on Channel 15 call eTV presented by South Carolina but how about Chicago? At what time do you offer the same program?

Thanks for your wondeful TV series.
- SD

Contact: marine

Message: Dear Priscilla,

I have been watching your show for 9 months , and I have been doing the excercices for 6 months. I am amazed at my body\'s response. Everything you say on the show is true. You make it so simple ! My flexibility is better now than it was when I was 20 !
And I am recovering from an accident, exaclty a year ago I was hit by a car, ended in the ER with a concusion and multiple fractures in my foot and broken ankle. I had two surgeries, I was on crutches 3 times in the past year. Now I am walking really well without a cane, without limp.
Thank you, thank you!

- M

Dear Priscilla...
I knew there was a reason that I was drawn to your yoga program, lo those dozen years or so ago. After reading your newsletter, I realize it's because you are not just about physical health.........but you are about the mind and the spirit, as well ! That must be that extra glow that I see shining out of you. : )
You have for many years been a role model of mine, as I continue to strive for improvements in my life. And now.......I see where, at 63, you are riding your bike 6 miles and walking 2 miles, as many days of the week as possible. That is so admirable! And at 55, I can see that I need to kick my daily routine up a notch!
Thanks for being such an inspiration to your viewers.
Bright blessings!
- CF

I just love you girl. You have done a lot for me. We are the same age, (I look almost as good as you) both are married with children, and grand children and we are both very feminine.
I am watching your show on WLRN but the schedules are a little all over the place. I recommended your show to many of my friends and even my son has started. Yoga is a miracle and so are you.
Your friend,
Say hi to your family


Message: I just want to say Thank You for offering your program on PBS. I stretch with you almost every morning and my two year old tries to mimick you as well. I never knew how tight I was and I am only 28; now my day is so much better and I just had to thank you for that.
Keep the positive messages and conversation coming; that just adds a little more up-lift while your sitting in a binding pose.
- jp

Hi Priscilla, I\'ve been doing your shows for 10 months now, I got so excited when I finally could stand up holding your rock crystal stem ware. I\'ve accomplished so many stretches that I couldn\'t do in the beginning. I just turned 48 and I know I\'m hooked on Yoga for life thanks to you.
- JS

Message: Hi Priscilla,

My daughters and I have been using your tapes for a year now. Yesterday, I took a 4 hour computerized exam, with all sorts of computer malfunctions along the way. (I\'m getting licensed as a psychotherapist.) Half way through the test, when the program crashed, I stopped and did some of the neck and shoulder stretches from your program. Instantly, I felt transported to my exercise room, and could hear your soothing voice in my head. Thanks for helping me calm down!


- PR

I want to thank you for your uplifting newsletters. You inspire us to raise the bar physically, mentally and spiritually. I appreciate the kind of emphasis you place on life attitudes. Many years ago I spent a summer searching and researching ways to alleviate the constant pain of scoliosis.

At that time I thought yoga would be helpful, but didn't want the mystical mind set that seemed to accompany it. But, I came across a couple of your
exercise tapes in the local library and loved the difference in your approach. Then I loved the way it helped me. I knew I needed stretching techniques, and you provided the way for me. I have since purchased more of your tapes and have introduced some friends to your tapes as well. Thank you so much for your efforts, your integrity, and for motivating the rest of us. I wish I lived close enough to take your classes in person.

With much appreciation,

- S T

Message: Dear Priscilla,

Do you plan on releasing the entire 130 episodes of Priscilla\'s Yoga Stretches on DVD? I have most of them on VHS, taped from the TV, but I would definitely buy them on DVD whatever the cost!

I really enjoy your yoga show. I have been doing the show since 2003. I once thought my aching lower back and not being able to get comfortable when sleeping was from carrying my toddler son. As soon as I started the show, my aches went away and have not returned. Yoga and increased flexibility have improved the quality of my life. It sounds hackneyed, but it is true.


- A P

Message: Dear Priscilla!

I wrote you a few years ago after having
begun watching your show a year or so
earlier on the local PBS affiliate here in
Cincinnati. I had a long history of back
issues, including complete collapses. After
having begun frequently watching your
show, I incorporated many of your stretches into my routine and began seeing
noticeable improvement. Several years
later, my back is still better in my late 30s
than it was in my early 20s and much of the
credit for this goes to you! Thanks again!

Gratefully Yours,

- E

I am a relatively new convert to yoga and I have found your tapes to be most instructive and extremely beneficial. I thank you--and my stronger, healthier body thanks you!

Karen M
- KM

Message: Hi Priscilla,
I was thinking of touching base with you, even though I\'m not ready for my next dvd--yet! And now I have a good reason. I lent your lower back repair dvd to two different men, both of whom benefited; but I wanted to share part of a card one guy gave me when he returned the disk. He said \"I have been feeling much better and have been able to skip the meds for about two weeks. Thanks a million.\" He is now on his bicycle and really feeling much better. I think I got a sense of what you must feel when people tell you they have been helped. It\'s truly rewarding. Thanks for your guidance.

- TG

Hi Priscilla,
I just want you to know how special you are to not only me but to so many other people out here in the world. Like others have said, your calm voice & demenor are worth so much. You never scold us when we fumble but it is as if you can see us sometimes struggling to get into that position you are in. You are an incredible encourager & how I appreciate you.

Thanks so very much. Janet
- JG

Hi Priscilla...I found your show for the first time and I loved it. My right shoulder has bothered me for about 8 months. I have decided to follow your instructions and will get back to you when with the results. Thank you.
- ai

I have been taking yoga classes here in Monroe, Michigan, (right across the street from my neighborhood) for about 8 months now (for 1 hour every Monday night). I have rheumatoid arthritis (diagnosed in 1972), with most of my joints damaged (some have been replaced and some will need to be replaced in the future) and have been interested in yoga for awhile now, but have always been afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it. Finally I got out of my comfort zone, talked to the instructor, and have never looked back. I absolutely LOVE it. Wanting to do more than 1 day a week, I started looking for programs on the television. I just recently discovered your program, and I am so glad I found you. I tape both 15 minute segments every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and faithfully do them. I look forward to you every time. I have several frozen and surgically fused joints, but I still manage to do most of the poses. I can even see some improvement in my flexibility and get so excited every time I notice that I can stretch a little farther each time. Keep up the good work and don't ever leave us! I love you!! Thank you for keeping me going every day!!
- ckm

Message: Hi Priscilla!
I am 12 years old and have been doing your show for a while now. I am planning on ordering the Streching for Atheletes video because I am involved in sports but really want a couple others so I have to make up my mind first. I really want to teach Yoga when I am older because all your advice helped me to become determined and confident. My friend Lauren and I really love to be involved in stretches and try hard to be just as perfect as you. Thanks Priscilla!

- C

The following information was provided.

Message: Dear Priscilla, I want to tell you how much your show means to me. I\'m over 45 and you are helping me to get back into shape.
I\'ve never liked exercising but I DO enjoy your exercises and I definitely feel better afterward, I also enjoy the fact that there is NO MUSIC on your program - which for me (as a professional musician) equals less distraction and noise for me.
I live in Canada, but every Mon.Wed. and Fri. mornings, I\'m with you, on my living room floor via Detroit PBS.
The other thing I really appreciate is your ability to communicate! I love your explanations, your warm personality and gentleness, in fact, one morning last week you brought me to tears because you take such care and it\'s exactly what I need.
Thankyou SO much.


- A D

Message: Priscilla,
I have been enjoying your program for the last two years and I can sing the praises of yoga enough. I was 30 when I started to have bad neck and back problems, so I started to go to the chiropractor 3 times a week. But it was your program that turned out to be the best medicine. Much of my teenage flexibility has been restored and I have even become more motivated to eat healthy, jog and rock climb. You have a beautiful soul and I thank you for doing what you have done on television.

My sincerest thanks,

- S G

You have helped me tremendously with many facets of my overall health and fitness. More specifically, after running and ballet for over 35 years (I am 50 years young) my hips have slowly begun to rip apart! That combined with a weak lower back has made me step back and reevaluate how I can continue to be super physically active. Your daily show (I have been following you for about one year) has made by back pain free and strong. My hips are keeping me from running, but I warm up with your yoga stretches and then go into my workouts of rowing or biking. You have been a complete inspiration from a physical standpoint, and almost more so from being such a great role model and spiritual provider. My friend and I both do your yoga stretch show each morning before work and cannot imagine losing our daily connection with you. We\'ve decided that if you ever come to the Milwaukee, WI area we\'d like to take you out to lnnch; we think you are so warm, spiritual and enjoyable! We\'re not crazy, just professional women bent on staying physically fit and young!!!

Keep up you fantastic work!!!

Port Washington, WI
- H J

Message: Priscilla, I recently discovered your show on the PBS station KRCB in Northern California. I LOVE your show. I have been doing yoga with some dvd\'s that I have and was beginning to get a little bored and I wasn\'t feeling very challenged by them. Your show is just the ticket. Each day brings something new. You are so encouraging by challenging us to do what we can. Your calm voice makes me want to try even when I think the pose might be to hard. Thank you soooooo much. I\'m looking forward to recieving your newsletter. all the best, FJDodson


Dear Priscilla,
My friend and I have been doing your yoga shows for the longest time. Now we are only 12 but still love a fun work out. I'm telling you to continue everything because it's worth it! Your Television shows have stained my life beautiful memories and I would love to continue them. Thank You Priscilla!

Dear Priscilla, I am 34 years old with a small toddler. I have been watching your show since I was a teen and have enjoyed stretching all these years. My pregnancy took its toll, on my body and felaxability but I continue to stretch 15 min everymorning and admire your ability and grace. thanks for years of healthy enjoyment
- cmd

Hi Pricella, I must say i really enjoy watching your program. I've watched your show for a number of years, as i did with other fitness shows.But i always come back to watch your program. I know it has to be one of the very best exercise programs to keep a person in shape and healthy. But what amazes me most is how this exercise helps us to keep young looking,
- R. S.

Contact Form From
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 14:58:48 EST

Dear Priscilla,
My words are none too kind as you are indeed one the BEST teachers I have ever had! (In anything) I know you love what you do and it comes through and it is pleasure for the rest of us to have you! I have tried ashtanga and vinyasa yoga, and while it is fun for a change of pace, because it is so aerobic and my shoulders cannot do a hundred downward dogs at a stretch, I gave up on yoga. But I thought of the tapes I had purchased and wanted to have your new t.v. show daily in my life and I thought to ask.
I am lucky that I am naturally quite flexible, but my teachers would contort me into a pose when my body was not quite ready. And then I remembered your words: Coax, it's a cinch by the inch. Never go beyond where you can comfortable manage. I know you call it good old fashioned horse sense, but it seems not too many people have it.
I apologize for the long email, but I really wanted you to know the wonderful impact you have had on my life! I do not know you, but you are wonderful and your family is lucky to have you! I thank you for teaching yoga and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for selling this PBS series! I thought it was really long shot, but I thought, I never hurts to ask. Thank you so very much, I have been wanting to ask this question for years and today I did. And you said yes. This is a marvelous day! It is so very exciting! I can't wait to get this! I wish you a wonderful new year once again with health, happiness, and much joy.

- V

Hi priscilla, I just wanted to let you know how great T.V. show is. I will turn 30 soon and have decided it is time to live a little better and with your help I am well on my way. I was amazed at the motabolisim boost yoga provides and without the use of diet products. My wife and I are now expecting our first child and we will be using your dvd to help us prepare. Thanks again.
- sw

Where do I begin? I've been practicing yoga my entire life and have yet to come across another instructor like yourself. You understand and respect the fact that everyone requires a different pace to learn all the stretches, and your kind words of encouragement are so appreciated. Solely from watching your program, it's easy to understand why viewers develop such a relationship with you. You are so wise and caring, and often times, I find myself talking to the TV. Thanks for being such an amazing woman and extraordinary instructor. Keep on keeping on! With love all the way from Miami.

Dear Priscilla, I'm a long time fan. I started watching your show when I was in high school.I was a troubled teen in a home for girls. Your show was part of a class that the school had put together. It inspired me which was very much needed at that point in my life. I just recently saw your program on TV and I can't wait to get started stretching with you again! Thank-you for your positive influence that has impacted my life greatly!

Hello Priscilla! Just wanted you to know that the people in my life know you by first name now since I talk about how stretching with you every morning has made me feel better, both physically and emotionally. I can wake up with a backache or with my arm and hand asleep and a few stretches later, it all feels better. I am 35 years old and have lost 43 pounds. The stretches are getting easier and easier (your encouragement helps!). It is my goal to be fit and trim throughout the rest of my life. You are an inspiration. Blessings to you. Have a safe and happy new year.
- mg

I have been wanting to try yoga for ages, but the prospect of the diffcult poses combined with my natural lack of physical coordination teamed up to become intimidating factors. However, since I've been watching your show on PBS, I have become a devotee! I am actually mastering some of the poses and my lack of coordination is slowly evaporating. I am in better physical shape now that I have been in a long time, and the best part is that the stretching gives me energy and puts me in a really positive mindset. I've ordered some DVDs, one for the office and a few for home, and I could not be more content with my purchases. Thanks Priscilla, you really changed my life!!!
- LM

I just wanted to share what a blessing it is being able to watch your yoga show on t.v. each day. I notice such a difference in my neck and back when I do it consistenlty. I love it! Thanks for your dedication.
- SC

My 10 yr old daughter & I call you the pretzel lady. We are exercising with you every school morning @ 6:30 a.m. & have fun laughing at each other & grunting. She so looks forward to it that even when I don't feel like exercising, she get out the mats and asks, "Are you ready Mom"? I feel better all day knowing we got off to a healthy start.
- dbw

I have been doing your shows for two years now and I feel deprived if I have to go a day without yoga! I too have increased my height by 1/2" which I was amazed to learn. My posture has greatly improved with the stretching and strengthening postures which was a concern since I also have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Since stretching I can honestly say I feel so much better and have decreased the need to see the chiroprator! Thank you Priscilla for your positive,calm approach with your teachings. It has really been a huge boost. Thank you.
- w

I am 43, Since my 20's I have been intrigued by yoga and tried several times taking 'beginner' yoga classes. I always dropped out quick because at the urging or neglect of the instructors I would push a pose, do it too fast to try and keep up, and/or just not be doing the pose in a safe manner. I would end up with pain in my joints and spine that would last long after the session was over. Now I have always been athletic and reasonably fit running 30+ miles a week, stretching slowly, and lifting weights 3x weekly but yoga just made me hurt. I gave up trying to take any Yoga classes, I reasoned Yoga just wasn't right for my body type or something. Then I saw your tv show while on a business trip and thought I'd give Yoga one more try. Your method of slow smooth well explained movements did the trick! I ran to my computer and purchased some of your videos. Now I can say I love yoga! and it complements very well my other fitness routines by seeming to strengthing my core and all those little muscles that weight lifting and running don't touch. I now stand with better posture, with a solid core and open chest rather than resting my ribcage on my hips so to speak. Now, I just want to keep learning more yoga poses. I only wish the local pbs station would carry your show, or a local yoga school would follow your methods. Keep up the good work. Shelley
- sb

I've been using your Yoga for lower back care after I found out I have three bulging disks in my neck, You have helped me get over my fear and stretch and get my muscles back after being afraid to move. Thank you.
- mrb

I so enjoy doing yoga stretches with you each morning at 6:00 Mon.-Fri. I found you on PBS about 18 months ago. I deal with some scoliosis in my lower spine & I continue to deal with lower back pain plus some sciatica in my one hip. I continue to do my best regardless of pain because it always makes me feel better stretching through it. My D.O. adjusts me every month & is amazed at my flexibility at age 67 & I owe that to you & your gentle encouragement of coaxing our bodies into the different positions. I have your Lower Back Repair Kit, Fit & Nifty Over Fifty, The Beginners & Intermediate Stretches as well as your book. I love all of them but never turn down the opportunity to stretch with you each morning. Can you give me anymore instruction as to better assist my body so that it does not continue to be in pain? I also do rebounding exercises, weight lifting, walking & some stationary bike riding. I am 5'2" & weigh 97 lbs. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. I would also enjoy receiving your free newsletter. Thank you ever so much for all the help you give to so many people seeking to make all our lives better. Sincerely, JLG from KS.
- jlg

for many years I have watched - and learned Yoga with you. Have been having hip and neck problems. Have been using your Lower Back Repair Kit and Priscilla's Upper Body Chair Exercises. Am trying to keep in as good shape as possible. 84years old and still moving! Thank you for your past newsletters. Very encouraging. MD

I would like to thank you for your great show, since I have been working your program, My back has stop hurting alll the time, and my golf swing has improved, greatly. thank you again for your positive support durring the show.
- jb

thank you so much for making me feel good and strong, you truelly the best yoga teacher ever, with you, i am able to do so much more, and having three c-section in a period of four years damged so much, but with your help, i have regained my strenght and ability to do so much more, thank you again......
- A.A

Thank You for doing what you do so well. I have not found such a wonderful and gentle instructor since Richard Hittleman back in the mid 70s. Yoga is hot now ~ So there are many "instructors" but not like you. Thanks to your early show I am back to practicing daily and have just recently been able to do a headstand which I have not done in years. Slow and Methodical. Peace & Health to you.

Hello from Columbia,SC. I moved here in June of 2005 and was very homesick for the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC. I found your show one morning and started doing yoga with you each morning now thanks to you I feel like I have a new place to call home. Thanks for giving of the gift of your talents that help others celebrate and appreciate life wherever they are. With Gratitude, CJH

Just want you to know that I have been faithfully watching and participating in your tv series running on the Milwaukee PBS station Monday-Friday, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results and what i have been learning. My body feels so lubricated and flexible. I am just 50 years old and I love it. One thing I wanted to ask you though. Last year when i went in for my physical, my height was at 5'6-1/2, down from my normal 5'-6-3/4". I was a little bummed out about that. However, about a month ago I went for my yearly again and they told me i measured in at a solid 5'-7". Could that be possible? Just wondering. I know that I stand taller and my posture is much better since the yoga practice, but i didn't know if it could really make a dif in my height. What do ya think? Anyway, thanks for all the great teaching techniques and also for the "cautions" you give. No one else seems to think that's important.

- lj

I'm a 58 year old woman who practiced yoga in my younger years and have kept to a exercise and health regime for all of my grown life. I tuned into your yoga stretching classes on PBS and truly love the time i spend with you. It has been so gratifying to see my flexibility improve with every session. I look forward to practicing with you and love your soothing manners and the way you lead us into challenging our bodies. I am recommending your show to everyone i know and buying some dvds for gifts to my family and friends. Lots of love to you.
- mim

Dear Priscilla, Thank you so much for your attention to my inquiry. The dvd arrived yesterday. I really appreciate your expediting my exchange. I worked with the new dvd today. As a 56 year old beginner, I must say that you are the best instructor anyone could hope for. My favorite line in this dvd is "Try not to crash". You are amazing at knowing what beginners do; it is almost like you are actually seeing us through the television, so timely are your comments, not only in this dvd, but also in the beginning one. I will continue to purchase your lessons and recommend you to my friends. Thanks again, Kathy
- K

Priscilla, I have been doing your yoga for about three months. Gone are my back stiffness in the morning, sore knee joints when I squat, and sore shoulders. I am 55 and amazed in so little time I could feel so much better. You made a believer of me. I ordered one of your tapes, book and tape my local PBS channel. Thanks.
- ss

I am a 53 year old who had been doing yoga with Priscilla for about two months before I was diagnosed with a benign ovarian cyst, requiring abdominal surgery. The nurses were all amazed at my ability to get up and move around the next day, and to that I attribute strong muscles from following Priscilla's routine! Thanks. I am now eight weeks out, fully recovered, and ready to get back to my daily half hour with Priscilla.
- GL

Dear Priscilla, I have missed you and your show for quite some time now since my local PBS stopped our regular mornings together. I just turned fifty four and I have not been myself and I know its because I have changed my routine. I feel terrible but I should soon be back on track. You are such a good role model Thank you for all the years of the best yoga instruction any one could ask for. You always made my mornings get off to the right start. I just loved your attitude and positive suggestions. You are the best and I wish for you the best life has to offer for 2006 and in the years to come. Sincerely your faithful fan,JG

- JG

I just wanted to say Thank you, thank you, thank you! I used to watch you on TV every morning about 20 years ago. I taped every segment of your show and then practiced. I have just recently started getting back in shape with hiking & snowshoeing. I wanted to incorporate some stretching into my routine and I remember wishing that I saved all of the tapes I had of your show. I was so excited when I went online and found that you had a website & offered your videos.
You are the best. I love your manner and way of teaching. I received my video today and just got finished practicing. I am looking forward to getting the rest of your products. Keep up the great work Priscilla. Thanks again!
- A.

like all those above, I think you are fantastic. I've been taping and doing your exercises for yrs. Yoga kept me from having to have a hip replacement for 7yrs.I thank you for that. I'm 58yrs., and hope to use your tapes for many more yrs. You truly are an inspiration, thank you from Canada!
- A. S. M.

Message: Priscilla, I am a lifelong runner and only started converting to yoga two years ago. All I got from it was sore hamstrings, knees and back. I finally saw your program in the morning and something clicked with your gentle, systamatic approach. I am FINALLY starting to let go and enjoy the fruits of yoga. I feel better than I have in years. Thank You and don\'t ever change. Ralph P.S. Do you do private consultations?
- RS

Priscilla, Just read other testimonials to your great public TV yoga program. I also watched your program for years while getting ready for work, before I finally got down on the floor to join in because of shoulder pain. I also ordered your tape for fybromyalgic patients and have even got my husband interested in doing your yoga stretches because of that tape. After a year, I can really see the results and my posture has greatly improved to the point people have commented on it. Highly recommend your program to all ages who want to improve their well-being and fitness level.
- EL

May years ago I saw your show on PBS and joined in. I then returned to work and could no longer watch, so I purchased your videos. I had praticed yoga while in college and really enjoyed it. Then I quit practicing,and now after more than 10 years away from it, I began again to watch your videos. I'm 52 now and I was having back problem and other health problems. I rememberd how good yoga made me feel, and I am again beginning to regain the flexibility I lost. Things are so different now; I'm even a grandmother. I remember you saying numerous times that you are only as old as your spine. That statement means so much more now. I look forward to ongoing practice with your videos, and I plan to purchase more. Thanks you the positive imput you have had in my life.
- lc

I happened to see your show for the 1st time this week on channel 21 at @6:25 am and last for 15- 20 mins. I am dissapointed that it is quite short but better that tnan nothing. I am 59 years old and I would like to thank you for your very helpful show. I will order tapes so I could practice more with you....

I had to have a mastectomy 2 years ago, with the removal of lymph nodes from my left armpit. I ordered your tape Recovering from breast surgery and it has helped me to regain the full range of motion of the left arm. I am now going to begin doing the Stretches for beginners. I know it is going to be the way back to having my full energy again. Thank you for being there each morning while I have my coffee.

Dear Priscilla, Add me to the list of glowing emails on how wonderful your show is. I follow along with my sash or belt pretending I am as flexible as you but getting more so all the time. I appreciate how "real" you are when your hair gets rumpled or your words get jumply and you forgive yourself and us as we bumble along with you. You jump start my day and I will keep it up as long as you do. That's what I say to myself as I struggle at yoga, "if grandma Priscilla can do it, I ought to be able to!". Thanks for being such an inspiration. TS
- TS

After tossing and turning, I got up and turned on the tv at about 1:45 am, and on a pbs channel, there you were! How nice to meet you again after so many years. You are just what I needed to remind me to start my yoga practice again. Thank you, Pricilla. Namaste.
- SH

Dear Priscilla, I am 58 years old, and just wanted to tell you how much you have helped my health. I used to have back problems, knee problems that even my walk was painful. After weeks of joining you in at 6:30 a.m. at CPTV, my back problems dissapeared. I even do without any problem tranquility pose and others. Still have problems with a few of them,mostly the weight bearing ones, but I am not stopping, and trying and trying. I recommend your program to others and wrote to CPTV about it. Thank you coming to my home and with your gentleness, start my day in a very positive way. Your wise comments stick with me, and I remember eating like a king for breakfast and like pauper at dinner. Thank you and God give you health. Peace, SCS

Priscilla, love your 6AM yoga on Denver's PBS, great way to start the day! Recently diagnosed with osteoporosis at 57 years of age, I wonder if you have any particular guidelines for preventing further bone loss and preventing injury. I have always been very active, including yoga for 38 years. It's been a hard diagnosis for me. I would very much appreciate any resource information you might recommend. Thank you, Maryann
- MR

I'm sure you get many, many letters and emails about your series, and at the risk of sounding just like everyone else, Priscilla, you have changed my life!
When I was 19, I was 5'8" and weighed 214 pounds. I'd had a horrible problem with overeating for about three years, (I would often eat out of sheer boredom!) and a horrible self image. It often left me tossing and turning through the night, and crying myself to sleep. One night (or should I say, early morning) I was flipping channels on the TV wishing terrible things on
all those thin, perky blondes doing impossible-to-follow aerobics...when I happened upon your show. I watched for a few minutes, amazed at your flexbility and calm, soothing voice as you guided your viewers. I decided I'd simply had enough of being fat and feeling worthless, and stretched along with you for twenty minutes that day. I was amazed that I instantly felt taller, lighter and thinner! Of course, I didn't LOOK any thinner, but I felt it. I felt my body waking up and feeling GOOD. I made a commitment to watch your series and stretch with you every weekday morning.
Within weeks, I was losing weight and eating right, and I felt great! One thing you taught that really helped me was that if you make a mistake, you
must forgive yourself and commit to doing better the next time. Four years later, I am still using (your)tapes and I am thin, quite flexible and studying more difficult forms of yoga. Most of all, I finally LOVE and APPRECIATE myself...something I never thought I would do four years ago...and I owe it not only to my commitment, but to you. Your shows are easy to follow and appeal to both the young and the old. My grandmother, at 81 years old, has begun stretching with you every morning, too! Priscilla, you are a wonderful teacher and I am sure there are many people out there who love and appreiate you! Keep up the wonderful work, and thank you! Amboy, NJ

- S

I happened across your show when I got up too early for "Body Electric". What the heck, gave it a try. The improvement in my flexibility and the decrease in my pain levels has been phenomenal after only three weeks. Thank-you for being there at 6:15 am. K S

- K S

Priscilla, After e-mailing you yesterday, I got your book... Wow! It's incredible. I went through and read all your "thoughts" in one sitting. They're worth having even if I wasn't interested in yoga. The book really is wonderful and I'm looking forward to getting yoga back into my daily schedule, as you recommended, so that it will again become part of my routine. I'll enjoy it and put it to good use. Fondly, A
- A B

I enjoy your show every morning on PBS at 5:30 a.m. I get up with a lot of back pain due to osteoarthritis and advanced disc disease. I always feel better after doing yoga with you. I've practiced yoga for several years and have learned more from you than anyone else. Thank you for helping me start my day. Thank you, S G

- SG

I fell asleep one night watching something I don't remember on PBS, but my guardian angel awakened me at 6:15 the next morning to something I'll never forget. Your show! I've been with you every morning since then. I'm improving, sometimes "struggling" but laughing too, and loving it all. Thank you for being there. Five years ago I had surgery for an aneurysm in my brain with a 10% chance of survival. Then a few months later I began having grand mal seizures. Both of these were a huge shock because I was one of those who was never sick, loved snow skiing, white water canoeing, mountain climbing and much more including life. What it taught me was to appreciate each day we have and to help others along the way. I wanted to briefly tell you my story so you would know how much I appreciate your gift and your sharing it with others. I look forward to receiving your newsletter.

- SK

I've watched tv yoga for many years...All the new shows that come on (yoga zone) (the method) (Denise Austin) etc.. I just want to thank you for being real..I have many of your tapes and enjoy your newsletter...It seems I'll watch the other shows but always find my way back to yours. I tape them so I can do them on the weekends or whenever I need a little energy. Thanks Again. R C

- RC

Hi, Just wanted to say I am enjoying my morning yoga workout at 6;45 a.m. everyday. I used to work out years ago and then public TV was not airing and I recently found it again. I am thrilled! Thank you, your program is the best I have every done. Please send me a free catalog so that I can order tapes for the time I am out of town. D F Grosse Pointe MI God Bless You.
- D F

Hi Priscilla - I am 51 and have been dealing with low back pain and leg pain for the past year. I had to give up bedside nursing because of it. For the last six months I have been going to PT. It helped my back but the leg pain persisted - seemed even to be worse. About two weeks ago I was feeling down about waking after another painful night with fitful sleep. I turned on the TV - not something I routinely do at 6:30AM and there you were ....I got down on the floor and gently followed your stretches. I haven't missed a day since and my leg is feeling better ..THANK YOU. I''ve taken some yoga before but found the classes of 1 1/2 hours too much for me and had teachers pushing me beyond my limits too quickly ...thank you for your gentle approach. I see I have a long way to go to increase flexibility but you give me hope and inspiration ..I just ordered your Back Care Yoga tape ..looking forward to its arrival..Thanks again and keep up the good work..I am in NY ..are you on at any other times here? All the Best , M K
- M K

Hi Priscilla, I just wanted to tell you how much I and my students are enjoying your show. You are a wonderful instructor! I love your personality. I have had teachers throughtout my twenty-two years of doing yoga, who have been cold and unfeeling. You really help me start off my day. I love to teach, but there are times when a teacher needs to just enjoy being a student again. Thank you for your show and kindness. God Bless
- D S

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